@MrLondon, @TMnikonian, @RonTimehin & @Pli.Panda 

A true sign of a misspent youth giving way and the indication that you have, at whatever age you are, reached a new level of maturity is when you move from living with someone else’s discarded posters on the walls to actually thinking about art.  You do not need to be sitting high on a trust fund while flicking through a Sotheby’s catalogue, but the difference is that you no longer acceptthings, you selectthings.  You look at purchases with longevity in front of them and you appreciate effort and intention behind them.  


And in this day and age of insta gratification, taking the time to select and fall in love with a large, expertly printed photograph is a true luxury. Here we find that @MrLondon, @TMnikonian, @RonTimehin and @Pli.Panda are giving you this opportunity with an exclusive new range of Mr.London prints. The four men behind this project are a fascinating bunch whether in front of or behind their cameras. Twelve judiciously selected photographs showcasing a handful of London’s most iconic images, are now available for purchase only at Mr.London.  



Peter Li aka @Pli.Panda moved to London 17 years ago from Hong Kong.  Peter’s father gave him a camera 5 years ago when his daughter was born so that the precious moments of the first granddaughter wouldn’t be missed.  Peter, with a background in art from St. Martins, fell instantly in love and moved quickly from family shots to landscapes of London. Even though he feels like ultimately there are gorgeous details missed when translating a photo meant for large format to a phone screen, it is still worth having a scroll through his Instagram account.  His images capture a moment, as he puts it, “Not just taking a second and it’s gone, but instead celebrating it.” Peter’s ability to translate the spontaneity of a moment and capture the latent energy evident just before or just after rush hour means his images may be mistaken for “right place right time” captures. The truth is, the beauty comes in lying in wait, as the rush hour crowds dwindle, and snapping the exact moment when there is still a buzz in the air but the tranquility of a city long standing surrounds his subjects is not just a lucky shot but a very intensely planned one.




Ron is a freelance photographer and Sony Imaging Ambassador and is one of the talents behind the captivating shots of foggy London.  Although his shots may grab you and reel you in, and his Instagram account is evidence of his popularity, at the moment his focus is changing the thinking behind influencer marketing.  “I didn’t get on Instagram to become an influencer and now I’m being labeled an influencer I want to do it properly.” And to that end over the next few years expect to see Ron in front of the camera, as well as behind it, with features coming up in conjunction with GQ & Prada, two book releases and a documentary on Netflix coming up next year.  Additionally Ron is determined to head to Emerging Markets in 2019 and use his experience and passionto help level the playing field for remote businesses when it comes to social media.  Ron is definitely a photographer to keep your eye on.



At Mr.London we see inspiration drawn from many unlikely places. With photography, it may seem more obvious (a picture of Big Ben, or a double-decker bus careening around Oxford Circus) but it is important to register that the stories behind the photos are so much greater than a simple snapshot. Tareq aka @TMnikonian, who Peter Li credits with inspiring him to move from portraiture photography to landscape and cityscape photography, is a great example of an artist who pulls from a depth of character to instill soul into his images.  You could be tempted to look at his work as the result of solid equipment and lucky locations but you would be doing him a disservice in stopping there. For starters, he is a design store manager who, though he loves photography and Instagram, is keen to keep photography as a passion project that stays exciting for him. Secondly, he is completely self-taught and despite his almost immediate success in an effort to continuously push boundaries he has recently made the leap to manual focus lenses to challenge himself and his creativity.  Lastly, even though Tareq is a natural inspiration to others, he continues to push his own limits to push others to push theirs. He is as likely to be found online as he is driving around London from 10pm to 7am looking for the perfect shot and sharing his location scouting with friends…all to challenge himself to make a photograph that is better than the last one he made.




And lastly, @MrLondon aka Dave Burt. Dave is the founder and chief editor of @LONDON which is widely regarded as "the most successful city on Instagram" having generated over 1 Billion views from its 2.2 million followers across narratives of food, fashion, music and coffee. The channel owes much of its success to the extremely high standard of photography which is created by Dave, his team of editors and a community of content creators like Tareq, Peter and Ron. 


Through this photography and showcase, Dave and his team tell London’s story beautifully, inspiring Londoners to also capture the beauty of the city around them, and thus guiding tourists and domestic Londoners to see the city the way that the Instagram community sees it… the most beautiful and diverse city in the world, rich in history, bursting in innovation, thriving culturally, and the number 1 destination in the world.

On Dave’s @MrLondon channel he appears in front of lens a lot more, sharing his passion for lifestyle, travel and fashion, whilst regularly serving up inspiration and lessons learnt from his entrepreneurial endeavors.  His goal with is to share these passions with others and his first gift is the creation of the Mr.London print series…  


“My goal with the Mr.London print series is simply to give back. Give back to some of my favourite photographers by providing them with a platform that gets their best work into the hands of their fans, whilst also providing them with a revenue share from the profits. Of course they also get the benefit of being showcased to 2.2m people via our @LONDON channel, so we can continue to invest in their talent and careers as creatives, showcasing them to a significant global audience. Furthermore it’s a great way for us to give back something tangible to our own audiences who have been with us now for more than 6 years. It’s amazing to scroll through our channel day to day, but to have one of these much-loved photos on your own wall is an amazing gift.”


Mr.London is an online magazine dedicated to helping you be the best version of you, to get the most out of London and the world around us, and helping you to live life to the max. We hope that these carefully selected images, lovingly made here in England, can make their way into your home and into your life, and that the photographers behind the images remind you to push yourself to do more, do better and be original.  


Prints are available for worldwide shipping. To receive in time for Christmas, if you’re ordering with international delivery, order by 10th December. For domestic UK, by the 14th to be safe.