@MrLondon - aka Dave Burt - is one of the world’s leading social media influencers. He leads @LONDON which is a full-service social media agency and social media platform, widely regarded as "the most successful city on Instagram”. He has generated over 1 Billion views from his 2.2 million followers across narratives of food, travel, fashion, music and coffee and built a full-service social media agency off the back of it, making him one of London’s most influential social media entrepreneurs. 




Dave grew up west of London in Maidenhead, not far from Windsor, and only a stone’s throw from the world-renowned Fat Duck restaurant in Bray Village. He spent 15+ years in IT and Telecoms in London rising quickly through very technical roles, to managing a national telecoms network for Verizon with capex in excess of $26m. Later he would transition into consultancy and sales managing major clients such as Morgan Stanley, Citi, Bloomberg & Reuters and selling a broad set of services for Hewlett Packard. 


Eventually, as Dave’s Instagram began to go viral having netted significant endorsements from Jamie Oliver, and Instagram themselves, he quit the stress of the city by selling his house and car in order to pursue his passion for Instagram.

Today, more than 6 years after quitting the city, Dave leads a full-service social media agency and editorial team that tell London’s story beautifully, with the aim of inspiring Londoners and visitors to see the city the way that he sees it… the most beautiful and diverse city in the world, rich in history, bursting with innovation, thriving culturally, making it the number 1 destination in the world.


On Dave’s @MrLondon channel he appears in front of the lens a lot more, sharing his passion for lifestyle, travel and fashion, whilst regularly serving up inspiration and lessons learnt from his entrepreneurial endeavours. 


Mr.London is an online magazine dedicated to helping you be the best version of you, to get the most out of London and the world we live in, and helping you to live your life to the max. You really do only have one life, and a short amount of time here on earth, so you might as well enjoy it and make the most out of it.

Having worked with many of the most iconic global consumer brands Dave and his team have earned a reputation for creating ground-breaking and innovative social content, all over the world. The @LONDON agency helps brands to be strategic in their use of social media and influencers, in order to amplify live events, brand experiences, products and services, to targeted audiences and markets, and in order to build community around their brand.


Dave is a globally respected public figure in social media having led campaigns for: 

Nike, Shell, Eurostar, Hilton, Marriott, LG, Grey Goose, Huawei, Samsung, Google, BMW, Absolut Vodka, Godiva, Canon, Sony, Brompton, Jaeger LeCoultre, Red Bull, Puma, Chandon, Mophie, GoPro, The Crown Estate, Carnaby London, Hunter, Rolls Royce, AIG, Karhoo, Battersea Power Station, Baileys, The O2, AEG, Sony Pictures, Hackett, London Coffee Festival, BMG, Atlantic Records, Warner, Shaftesbury and more....


To engage @MrLondon or @LONDON for brand partnerships, appearances or public speaking contact info@mr.london.